New paperback!

‘A Scent of Roses’ is now out in paperback.

It’s the first of my novels never to have been in a print book before, and the only novel for which I’ve done all the publishing, first as an ebook and now in a proper tangible curl-up-in-bed and read book. You can read about how I first came to publish it here


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2 Responses to New paperback!

  1. Julia Lund says:

    Well done. Did you use Createspace? I would love to make my books available in paperback, but I’m a clueless coward.

  2. hcannam says:

    Yes, I used Createspace. I find it easy enough, as I use Scrivener for my writing, which allows me to produce the right format for publication. The snag with Createspace is that if you order your own copies to sell direct from them, they are printed in the US, which means extra transport costs and ages to wait for delivery. Books ordered direct from Amazon come quickly, but then you have to pay the full cover price and make no profit. I’m bracing myself to try publishing via Lightning Source, which prints in the UK, but is (I gather) rather more complicated to use. But it’s amazing what you can do if you try!

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