The Reunion

Now available as a Kindle ebook here!

Jan’s nest is empty.

The last of her three children has left home, facing her with an unwelcome new phase in her life. But it is not so much the emptiness of the nest that she minds, as finding herself TheReunionalone with the stranger who during thirty years of marriage helped her build it: her husband Keith.

What has happened to them over the years, to drive them so far apart? Where has he gone, the man she once loved? Can she hope to find him again in the morose and moody person he seems to have become?

Shut out by Keith, unable even to share her hopes for the future, for retirement and new challenges, she seizes eagerly on the promise offered by a reunion at her old university. Perhaps in revisiting the excitements of her student days she can bring some happiness back into her life.

But in meeting old friends – and making dangerously attractive new ones – she threatens any hope of rebuilding her marriage. And then events at home turn her world upside down.

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