LifelinesA sequel to ‘First Parish.’

Now available as a Kindle ebook here

Also in a bargain pack with two other stories featuring Rosalind Maclaren, hereRev-Rosie-3d


In the spring of 2001, the Reverend Rosalind Maclaren, newly appointed to the country parish of Meadhope with Ashburn, looks forward to fresh challenges in complete contrast with those she faced in her previous urban parish.

Delighting in the beauty of the countryside and the warmth of the people, she is sure she will be happy here – until the dark shadow of disease threatens the whole way of life of her new parishioners. As Foot and Mouth disease spreads inexorably through the local farms, she has to find entirely new resources to help and support the people around her. And meanwhile the contagion threatens even those nearest to her.

A Scent of Roses also features the Reverend Rosalind Maclaren

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