The King’s Favourite

KingsFavourite3Now available for Kindle here

An impossible choice faces Honoria Somervell. Her fiancé Philip Blount is arrested and charged with high treason, suspected of involvement with the Gunpowder Plot. Her only hope of obtaining his release from the Tower of London lies with Scottish courtier Sir Gavin Hamilton, close friend of King James I.

But Sir Gavin’s condition for Philip’s release is something Honoria cannot give – and her refusal causes him to swear to bring about her downfall.

Why then, with all his wealth and power, does he find he cannot harm her? Can it be that she has shown him what is missing from his life? And has he any hope of gaining this greatest of all prizes?

1 Response to The King’s Favourite

  1. Ingrid says:

    Thank you so much for your delightful writing. Your style reminds me somewhat of Dinah Dean, with the same attention to historical details and a wonderfully restrained vividness in the story you bring to life.
    May you continue to write and to enchant.

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