Man with a Falcon

ManWithAFalcon3Now available for Kindle here

Also in bargain pack with Captain Black and Spy for romance-collection-3d-caseCromwell, here


Richenda Farrell is bored. The Civil War tearing England apart seems very far from the tedium of life at Black Castle, where she is cooped up with her brother’s family while he is away fighting in the Parliamentary army. The only relief to her boredom is the exasperating presence of the castle’s new falconer, Daniel Bridge.

But then a Royalist force lays siege to the castle, under the notorious leadership of the ruthless Lord Devenish. Black Castle is impregnable, so they all believe. But there is a traitor within its walls. All too soon, the castle is in Royalist hands, and Richenda and her family are at the mercy of Lord Devenish.

Only, nothing is quite as it seems, and before long Richenda must choose between her home, her brother’s protection, and a passionate but impossible love…

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