Historical Novels

  • A Kind of Paradise – family saga, based on the life of Josiah Wedgwood, told through the eyes of his wife Sarah (first published 1987).
  • A Thread of Gold – family saga set in a French vineyard from the late 1860s to the end of the First World War (first published 1988).
  • A High and Lonely Road – family saga set in the Yorkshire Dales in the late 18th century (first published 1989).
  • The Last Ballad – first part of a family saga set in the Weardale leadmines in Regency times (first published 1990).
  • Stranger in the Land – sequel to the above, moving between Weardale and the Durham coalfield (first published 1991).
  • Candle in the Dark – a Northumbrian woman’s struggle during the French Revolution (first published 1993).
  • Disordered Land – interwoven lives and conflicted loyalties amid the chaos of  the English Civil War (first published 1995).
  • A Hidden Fire – Faith, terrorism and family conflict in Jacobean England. Published December 2020.

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