September Harvest

SeptemberHarvest3Now available for Kindle here

Olivia Paris, daughter of one of the late Oliver Cromwell’s closest friends, feels alone and lost in the corrupt world of Restoration London. Orphaned and penniless, she depends on the reluctant charity of her half-brother and his family. Her one friend, Luke Marchant, has gone from her life and only her brother’s children bring her any happiness.

Fleeing from the plague to take the children to safety, she finds herself in the power of Benedict, Lord Alston, friend of King Charles II and opposed to everything she holds dear. Step by step she is drawn into a nightmare world of secrecy and intrigue and deadly danger, a world in which truth and loyalty and friendship seem to have no place and from which it seems there is no escape.

Only as the flames of the Great Fire engulf the city of London does Olivia find a way out.

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