A Kind of Paradise

AKindOfParadise3Now available as a Kindle ebook here

Even as a child Sarah Wedgwood finds herself drawn to her cousin Josiah, recognising in him something out of the ordinary.

Sharing an enthusiasm for the pottery which is at the centre of Jos’s life, they work together as man and wife, through good times and bad, to found an industry and a dynasty that will utterly transform the world they have known.

An excerpt from the prologue:

So many moments in a long life… the first grandchild, and Jos’s wondering joy as he held the infant in his arms… the long weary years of grief, and their ending… the moment when the Queen, smiling and gracious, stepped from the sunlit street into the showroom, and she, Sarah Wedgwood, came forward to greet her… the stench of the slave ship, where first and for all time she had looked into the mouth  of hell… Jos tenderly smiling on the hillside beneath the flowering gorse…

And then once more she was little Sarah Wedgwood, seven years old and riding pillion to Burslem behind her father with the icy December wind sharp on her nose and the mare’s hooves ringing on the hard ground; and a fierce wild dancing excitement at her heart.

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