First Parish

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And as a bargain pack with two other stories featuring Rosalind Maclaren hereRev-Rosie-3d


Newly ordained in 1994, in the first wave of women priests in the Church of England, Rosalind Maclaren takes up the post of team vicar of St Cuthbert’s Coldwell in County Durham. Full of hope, eager to serve the people of her new parish, she soon finds that life is even more challenging than she had anticipated.

Not all her parishioners are ready to welcome a woman priest, and others are opposed to any hint of change. Her husband Alastair is finding it hard to adjust to being a vicar’s husband, while her children too find her new status difficult to cope with. It seems as if her family is falling apart.

Then an old flame turns up out of the blue, threatening her marriage further; and a sudden tragedy causes her to question the very faith on which her life and work are founded.

Has she mistaken her calling? Is it possible to be a wife and mother as well as a priest? And what if she no longer believes in the existence of God?

Lifelines and A Scent of Roses are other stories featuring the Revd Rosalind Maclaren


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