The Chieftain

TheChieftain3Now available in the Kindle store here


Isobel Carnegie is beautiful, rich and a widow. When she is kidnapped by Highland chieftain Hector Maclean it seems he is only interested in her money. Gently-bred Isobel is appalled by the hard life led by the clansmen at Ardshee, so when Hector is called to join the forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie she is only too glad to seize her chance to escape.

But freedom brings her no sense of relief. It is only as the hopes of the Highlanders are destroyed for ever at the battle of Culloden that she learns – too late? – where her heart truly lies.

6 Responses to The Chieftain

  1. Shandra Shaw says:

    This is a great book, I could not put it down, from the beginning to the end it had me so interested, I was sad when it ended, I only wish that it would one day come on Kindle so that no matter where I was, I would be able to read about Isobel and Hector again and again! Great book!

    • hcannam says:

      Thank you for your very kind comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. And keep watching the website, because ‘The Chieftain’ will be in the Kindle store pretty soon, I hope – under the pen name ‘Caroline Martin’

      • Shandra says:

        Could you tell me if this book will ever go to audible. I recently had issues with my eye site and I cannot read for long at all.. I do hope that you will think of it.

      • hcannam says:

        I don’t know how easy (or difficult!) it is to launch self-published books for audible, but I will certainly look into it. Thank you for suggesting this!

      • Shandra says:

        Thank you for your speedy reply and I will continue to watch for any new developments. I am sure that whatever needs to be done to move this book into audible, it will be so worth it.

  2. KAPKIYAI says:

    The Book Is So Interesting,captivating And Arouses Emotions.It’s A Real Life Story Full Of Revenge Missions.

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