Wedgwood Collection Saved!

It’s lovely to have good news in the welter of doom and gloom that pours out of the radio when it’s first switched on in the morning. This time, it’s the great news that the Wedgwood Collection has been saved for the nation – and the world, come to that.

The first Josiah Wedgwood was a truly remarkable individual – and a very likeable one, as I found when I did the research, years ago, for my novel ‘A Kind of Paradise’. It is what he made, what he was, that lies at the heart of the Wedgwood Museum near Stoke-on-Trent – and this collection that was threatened in the failure of the company years ago.

But it’s all come right in the end. My tiny contribution to the fund to save it was only one among many. I’ve started the day with a smile.

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