A Kind of – Ending?

At long last! After almost two years, every one of my out-of-print back titles has at last been scanned, edited, sometimes revised, and finally converted to ebook format. All 19 of them are now launched in the Kindle store, along with ‘A Scent of Roses’, my first entirely self-published novel.

It was that last book that got me started, though that was never my intention. I wrote it with print publication in mind, though I was aware that getting into print at all in the current climate is very, very difficult – especially if, like me, you’ve had a major gap in your writing career.

ScentOfRosesI finished ‘A Scent of Roses’ early in 2011, after which my agent sent it on its way to one editor after another. It got some very good responses, even enthusiastic ones – but the general verdict was that it wasn’t sufficiently commercial in the current climate. After the best part of a year, my agent suggested I launch it as an ebook. So I did. It went live in the Kindle store in September 2012.

Having done that successfully, I set about making sure all the rights for my out-of-print back titles had reverted to me, and launched them as ebooks too. And now, with the launch of ‘A Kind of Paradise’ that phase of my writing career is over. AKindOfParadise3

Which means a new one is beginning. I’m writing a brand new book, a historical novel that (incidentally) tells the background story to ‘A Scent of Roses’, though you won’t have to read one to understand the other.

It feels good to be writing again.

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